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Enstone Airfield needs your help

A planning application has been submitted that would if successful permanently close the hard and grass runways that we currently use forever!!
Click for drawings (Alternative locations 2)
here is how you can help to preserve this valuable and unique facility for generations to come.
send a letter/e-mail of objection  to   planning@westoxon.gov.uk   by 30th May.
Please put the planning reference number both in the Subject line of your e-mail and in the body text of your e-mail
This is what Lomand Holdings are putting forward as support for their application


The leisure activities in the main involve recreational flying of light

aircraft and microlights, which has led to the further approval of

workshops and hangers on the north side of the airfield perimeter

and at the eastern end of the main runway within the Great Tew

Estate. Although the proposed development involves a middle

section of the main runway it should not affect the flying rights of the

Clubs that operate from within the Great Tew Estate or from the

established grass strip north of the main runway. The other

recreation activities that have been approved involve off-road motor

sport activities.
Having any kind of obstacle on an active runway is some what dangerous, plus the wind turbulence rotor off the buildings will effect all runways users. 


By cutting the runway in half it would become unusable by aircraft, Lomand have done their home work and know well the consequences for the airfield if they are successful.
Lomand and its sister company Leven holdings own most of the main runway and the industrial site, there are at least 3 alternative locations suitable for this proposal marked as red blocks. Alternative locations 2
 I believe that their aim is to make the site more desirable for development by reducing the flying. Once this is achieved they will sell the site to a developer.
Please act NOW send an e-mail to planning@westoxon.gov.uk today if possible, use your social network to tell everyone that knows how much Enstone and flying means to you and me.
Get them to e-mail too, the more e-mails that are received the more weight the objection carries.
Remember ENSTONE needs YOU NOW so please act.
Thank you in advance for your support.
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