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Flying Club News 6th May

back to normal at last, I hope all you workers out there are not still in shock over going back to the grind stone, if you are, relax its the weekend just two days to recover. Another small gathering at Pilots in the pub last night, have you any ideas on how we could encourage more people to come along to PitP? I am all ears!!!
We have the LAA fly-in next weekend 14th May, do come along we will need some help looking after our guests, let me know if you can help.
There is some great availability for aircraft this weekend, get your self up here.
Luscomb fly in
it was great to see 7 of these very fine aircraft arrive in formation as a tribute to Steve Weston, they liked it so much they have left us one to play with!!!
House Keeping
It has been noticed that we have some particularly strong pilots who can tighten the oil filler caps to the point where I have to use a pair of pliers to undo the cap. The caps should be finger tight only!!
Your g uests on the airfield, if you bring your friends and family along, you must give the non flying people a safety briefing and they must stay on the grass areas and not cross the the taxi ways for any reason, we had two sets of visitors wondering up the taxiway and onto the runway so they could get photos. If this happens again we will have to restrict all visitors to the fenced area only. That would be a great shame
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