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Flying Club News 26th November

yet another bright, cold but beautiful day up here, where are YOU!!!! and just a week before the crimbo bash, which if you didn't know is next Friday we need you menu choices by Wednesday close of business please. the menu is attached.
Poppy Appeal
we raised £33.15 this year which is a bit down on last year but every little helps, thank you to those who donated, your contributions will be put to great use, so thank you.
We also have a permanent collection point at the front door for the British Legion. Any spotter who wants to have a look around has to make a donation, which is great way of collecting money for the BL throughout the year.
if any of you can remember this lovely aircraft, the news is that the final part has left Piper and should be here in a week. Once fitted we should see her back here in less than a week......we hope.  Hurrah
Sadly the news is not so good on VMJM, it looks like we will not be seeing her until after crimbo, but she will be back...Hurrah
Spitfire Squadron
This has gone down a storm, if you haven't heard the plan is to b uild 12 90% scale replica Spitfires and operate them as a Squadron called "City of Oxford" training the pilot/builders to gain their CAA display authority, these pilots would fly formation at events all over the UK and Europe.
I thought this was brilliant...
I have just read your article in the December issue of Pilot, sadly I
made the mistake of letting my wife see it and I am sorry to say that
she regards your article as the most irresponsible piece of journalism
she has seen in a long time. To put such temptation in the way of
someone who will be so easily swayed is, in her opinion, frankly
Interested visit www.spitfireclub.co.uk 

In my opinion, however, it is one of the finest ideas I have read
since I was old enough to know what a Spitfire is.

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