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Flying Club News 29th October

just a few days left of October and most importantly the clocks go BACK this Sunday so don't be late for the place that provides some of you the means to come and play in the sky.
A mixed bag of the unmentionable stuff has meant we have had to cancel some flights this last week but the weekend is...........nearly!!!!
The firework display is all set for next Thursday, please let me know by Wednesday 12.00 noon if you are planning to come to Pilots in the Pub after as the Pub will need your food order in advance.
Hugo got his job at Ryan Air and will be leaving to start his line training and how to charge more for inside seats!!! in January huge congratulations and a load HURRAH!
Night Ratings
with the clocks going back we shall be starting night ratings courses shortly, give me a call or drop me an e-mail if you would like to add or re validate this rating.
Poppy Appeal
we always have a collection point for the British legion at the club house and this year more than ever do the BL need your help. They have been a little eclipsed by the "help for heroes" charity. The BL have been doing their thing for nearly a 100 years and do not get the glaring publicity that the Help for Heroes has received, they just get on with a mass of rather mundane but vitally important work for all our heroes both young and old so please give the BL the recognition they rightfully deserve and help them to help others. Thank you.
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