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Flying Club News 27th August

what a fab week........for the grass!! Its looking fantastic and we should start cutting it again...hurrah.
With the unmentionable stuff being soooooooo great the only visitors here have been wasps, hundreds of the little blighters, we may declare this a wasp free zone, just need to find a way of telling them that!
With pilots in the pub next week means we are fast approaching the end of August and the last bank holiday weekend before Crimbo.
We are a bit short on aeroplanes for this weekend due to maintenance, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.
We will be switching over to a new News letter system, you will need to double subscribe to carry on getting the weekly ramblings. Its a law in the USA and there is no way around it, its very simple, so please have patience. The current system is very cumbersome and its time to call it a day.
Club Mugs
The first order has gone in and we should see them in a few weeks Hurrah
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flying Club News 20th August

Its been a good week, with some new students signing up and passing exams with a 100%, well done to Rob MaGuire. Just goes to show how good our ground school Jehdi master Andy Sussums is.....that's the second 100% pass on Met. What more can be said, only that we will be running more ground schools sessions. Need help with any subject then drop me an e-mail and we will keep you informed.

We had thousands of visitors for the Military Vehicle trust event/BBQ last Sunday, sadly most of them were the little yellow and black blighters with the stinging tail section! Apart from the waspies it was a great event, not that I got to see much as yours truly was chained to the BBQ until most of the vehicles had left. My thanks to Fiona, Sam and Hugo for making the event a success.
As you are probable aware today is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, had this battle gone the other way, you would probably be using the Euro and you would be reading this in German! Some seriously brave men and women fought this battle, whatever your veiw point, it really happened and we ALL owe them at least a Thank you!
Great Opportunity 1 from Nick Bennet

Sitting in a hangar down at the Science Museum's large storage facility at

Wroughton is Cessna 150 G-AWAW which in 1980 was flown solo by 

Janette Schönburg from London to Darwin, Australia. To cut a long story short,

this aircraft needs to be disassembled, put in a container and shipped to

Florida. A group of us will be doing this on Tuesday August 31st and we're

looking for one more person plus perhaps one reserve willing to help. After

G-AWAW is safely packed in the container, we'll be getting a private guided tour

of the hangers by the museum's principal curator. These hangars are not open to

the public, so this is a rare treat. Some photos of what's stored there can be

found here



If you're interested, see the G-AWAW web site ( http://www.g-awaw.org/ ) and give

me a call on 07734 255878. It'll be a case of first come first served. You must

be available to be at Wroughton from 9am on the 31st, and ideally also attend a

briefing session the previous evening also in Wroughton. You MUST have a pair of

steel-toecapped shoes/boots as this is a health & safety requirement of the



Nick Bennett

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Flying Club News 13th August

the unmentionable stuff has been unkind yet again and we have had to scrub the all this mornings flights, but what can you expect on Friday the 13th! Not my birthday but I was born on a Friday the thirteenth......that explains everything I hear you cry.
Do not be down hearted at least we have the second club BBQ to look forward to, come along with your own food and we will provide the means to burn it for you.
B Flight have been working hard this summer and it looks like there will be a small but fine crop of Airfield Honey, which will be available in the Autumn.
we have the Military vehicle trust coming to visit this Sunday 15th from 11.00-15.00, they are a great bunch of real enthusiasts, come along a see some great toys and a BBQ.
Do you fancy a trip to see one of the finest flying films ever made!!!
Top Gun( I feel the need....)
is being screened at Stowe landscape Gardens on the 29th August 7.30pm, could be a laugh and I was only kidding about the finest film, but I bet you have seen it more than once, I have to confess to having worn-out a couple of VHS copies of the beast. Bring a picnic and a bottle or three and we can cheer, hiss and boo all this for £8.00 which goes to the National Trust, so you can have a laugh and do your bit to preserve our heritage at the same time.
We need to let them know how many of us will be coming by Wednesday next week, drop me an e-mail skipper@enstoneflyingclub.co.uk if you fancy it.
Open Days
we are planning some "learn to and get back to flying open days" in September/October, can you spare some time to help out or have you friends colleagues, lapsed pilots that might want to come along, we will be offering short taster flights for prospective/ex pilots. Can you let me know if you can spare some time or any guests you might send our way.
Flyout Calendar
Leicester Aero Club have a Thursday Curry night, we could take the fleet out for a Vindaloo! Let me know if you fancy coming along.
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