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Flying club News 25th June

Well the budget has come and gone and as expected we will all work longer, be expected to work harder for less and pay more ... so nothing new there then!

The unmentionable stuff has been absolutely glorious this week and sadly not many of you have been able to enjoy it but B flight have loved it and are now making honey which I hope will tide them through the winter.

The work party for the access road has been cancelled for this weekend as Aero fair is on at Booker and many people are visiting that show,( its also going to be hot enough to boil a Monkeys B*m tomorrow and not condusive to manual labour) I shall be visiting it myself today and will produce a report for those of you who are unable to go. We will go for next weekend which will be 3 July.
Pilots in the Pub 1st July
pop this is your diary see Events below for details.

Check your licence

can you all please have a look at your licences to check the following,
1.  your medical is valid
2. your single engine piston rating is also valid.
Even though you may have done the 12 hours, 12 takeoffs and landings and one hour with an instructor you must have your licence signed off by Richard Pitts the CFI and the paperwork sent to Gatwick.

Social Team

As a result of the market research program carried out by Oxford Brookes University we will be putting a team together comprising of members, instructors, students and social members etc the team's brief will be to promote and help the social side of the flying club. With such things as fly outs fly ins barbecues etc the team will have access to the club website and forum where members can make suggestions, solutions and ideas. To make the team really effective we will need representatives from each section of the club, if you would like to be part of this very special team then please let me know.

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Flying Club News 4th June

blimey yet another great week on the unmentionable front, who know its could last for.....oops better not tempt fate.

A small but lively gathering for pilots in the pub last night our next social event is the BBQ on Saturday 12th June click here to let us know if you are coming along please.
Check your dates!
please have a look at your licence, check that you have a current medical, your JAR lincence and your SEP rating is valid. You are unable to fly if they are not valid.
£20 notes
for all of you with a stash of cash secreted under your mattress, make sure that the £20 are not the ones Edward Egar on the back since they will cease to be leagal tender from 30th June, shops and banks will refuse to accept them after the 30th. Take them to your local bank for exchange or use them before you loose them.
EFC Mugs Hurrah!!!! Update
They have arrived!!! For paid up full members you get one mug free, additional personalised mugs can be purchased at £5 each. there will be an order form on the web site shortly. Just sorting out the size for the personalised part.
Access Road Gang
Hurrah we have had a bevy of volunteers with a variety of availability dates, we will sort them to give the best chance of completing the various project areas.
Thank you for all of those who volunteered.
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