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Flying Club News 26th February

if you were at the air to air photo presentation last evening then you will know what a brilliant event this was. Keith and Ollie put together some fabulous images which kept the gathering spellbound for 2 hours. Explaining how Keith got the images was just as incredible as the aircraft in the photos. A great evening which will be followed up with a practical course on photographing aircraft. It will be a day long course with the opportunity to learn how to get the best shots from the ground and air, if you would be interested in receiving more information then drop us an e-mail to info@enstoneflyingclub.co.uk

Pilots in the Pub 4th March
Next Thursday is Pilots in the pub with a difference! A team of marketing students from Oxford Brookes University will be coming along to find some members who would be willing to answer questions and or join a focus group. The results of their research will help the club offer better services and facilities to excising members and encourage new ones to join. It is important that we get as many members along so that the team have a broad cross section of the membership present. If you haven't got the date in your diary its the 4th March at the Crown.
Flyout Calendar
we want your ideas on some destinations for flyouts this season, students and members can use these as valuable experience to improve their flying skills. We are looking for week day, weekend and with a couple of overnight sorties. If it goes ahead this year Avaranches should be on this year. Let us know your ideas by e-mail info@enstoneflyingclub.co.uk

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Flying Club News 19th February

blue stuff! blue stuff!! can it be true, we thought it had left us for good, but no its still up there and looking gorgeous.

Talking of gorgeous I should be returning back to the front office after its restoration to a work place rather than a dumping ground, this weekend Hurrah!!
With the unmentionable stuff showing signs of getting.......oopps nearly! anyhow it will get better at some future date and because its been Bl**dy awful for so long click here to join one of our PPL master classes and blow away those cobwebs, scrape off the rust, shine up those wings a become the sky god you were last time you flew!!!
Its only a week now to the the photo evening, I have seen a preview of the pictures and they are breathtaking!
The event is now open to everyone but you must click here to register if you would like to attend.
There has been some confusion over the registration process, you will get an e-mail asking to confirm that you really do want to register, its part of the anti spam drive form our collonial cousins, please just confirm that its really you that just filled in the form and all will be well.
Here is the program starting at 8.00pm


Early Material - warts and all!

The Equipment - 35mm film era

Safety Issues

Cameraships - and their pilots

The Standard Sortie - if there is such a thing.

Backgrounds - are they important?

Replicas - not always what they seem

Heavy metal - included a look at military air-to-air refuelling


The Equipment - the digital revolution

New Stuff - material shot in the last 12 months

Unusual attitudes - and the danger of formation aeros!


Formations - building a picture plane by plane

When it all comes together - some of my favourite (lucky!) shots.

Questions and answers (if not too difficult)

I expect the first half to last around 55 minutes and the second half about 45 mins.

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